A Geographic Information System for Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about the GLGIS
  e.g., how to acquire the GLGIS, what are project files?
GIS Support Documents: documents that provide additional information about the GLGIS or basic GIS concepts and operations
  --Fact Sheets: GLGIS (pdf), LHGIS (pdf), LMGIS (pdf), LEGIS (pdf), LSGIS (pdf), LOGIS (pdf)
--Geographic Data Primer (pdf)
--Getting Started with the GLGIS (pdf)
--GLGIS Naming Conventions (pdf)
--An Introduction to Projections (pdf)
Self-Guided Tutorial: step-by-step instructions for performing basic GIS operations

A day and a half workshop was developed and has been offered in a classroom setting. The materials were designed to double as a self-paced tutorial. Follow the link below to access all workshop materials, including instructions.

Objectives of the workshop include increasing familiarity with spatial data on fisheries and habitat, increasing familiarity with the Great Lakes GIS project, and gaining proficiency in using GIS software. After the workshop, participants will be able to use ArcGIS software to import and explore their own data, integrate the data in the Great Lakes GIS database, perform basic GIS operations common to Great Lakes resource managers, and create simple maps that would be suitable for presentations or publications.

NOTE: Data presented in workshop are for educational purposes only and do not necessarily represent reality. They are not to be used outside of the workshop.


  Access the tutorial (via FTP site).


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