A Geographic Information System for Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat


Getting the GLGIS


Typically, end-users provide external hard drives to which the GIS is transferred. Each lake GIS is between 30 and 60GB, and multiple lake GISs can be stored on the same drive in a seamless fashion. Inquiries can also be made regarding a data subset or individual files**. If interested, please contact the Project Coordinator, Lacey Mason (lmas@umich.edu), directly.


New! (01/2007)

GLINDA-Disseminated Data on the Internet

In partnership with the Great Lakes Commission, a subset of Great Lakes GIS project data are being served on-line through GLINDA (Great Lakes Information Network Data Access). GLINDA is a suite of open source tools and applications intended to aggregare and disseminate geospatial data sets for the Great Lakes region. These data are available through the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) in a variety of formats and themes.


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