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  Lake Superior Data
Lake Superior Data Inventory xls (updated 12/2007)
  Lake Superior Project Files
  ls_map_template.mxd Template for creating a publication-quality figure
  ls_lake_units.mxd Lake management units, statistical districts and statistical grid cells
  LSB_areas_of_interest.mxd Areas of interest (e.g., parks, water features)
  LSB_land_units.mxd Political and administrative units
  LSB_protected_areas.mxd Protected areas
  LSB_transportation.mxd Terrestrial and aquatic transportation
LSB_utilities.mxd Utility-related features
  ls_fish_data.mxd Fisheries-related data
  ls_Goodyear_spawn_locs.mxd Fish spawning locations from the digital version of the Goodyear Spawning Atlas (McMaster University) 
  ls_harv_nonchbt_WAE_2000-2004.mxd Non-charter boat recreational walleye harvest, 2000-2004
  ls_sturgeon_populations_MIDNR.mxd Historic lake sturgeon spawning locations (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
  LSB_cormorant_and_other_bird_locs.mxd Bird nesting sites 
  ls_shoreline_classification_NOAA.mxd Shoreline geomorphology and protection classification (US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)
  ls_AOCs_EPA.mxd Areas of Concern (US Environmental Protection Agency)  
  LSB_contaminants.mxd Contaminant sources  
  LSB_impaired_waters.mxd Impaired waters (designated by the US Environmental Protection Agency) 
  LSB_climate.mxd Climate-related data
  LSB_elevation_land_use.mxd Elevation and land use 
  LSB_geology.mxd Geological data
  LSB_soil_STATSGO.mxd Soil survey (STATSGO database) 
  LSB_terrain-related_variables.mxd Terrain-related variables (e.g., elevation, slope) 
  LSB_tributaries_barriers.mxd Tributaries and tributary barriers 
  LSB_USGS_real-time_gauges.mxd Real-time tributary gauges (US Geological Survey)
  LSB_watersheds.mxd Basin and watershed delineations  
  LSB_wetlands.mxd Coastal and inland wetlands
  Lake Superior Mini-Projects
ecoregion_classification Fish habitat ecoregional classification (University of Michigan, Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
wb_substrate_MarkEbener Whitefish Bay substrate mapping results

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